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There’s nothing more precious than a child’s smile, is there?

Children’s tooth care can often be a struggle when you are getting them to stick to an oral hygiene routine. However, early hygiene appointments for children can help prevent gum disease and aid the development of healthy adult teeth. At Claydon Dental, we are committed to bringing your children to eighteen with no decay and no gum disease.

It’s amazing, but it really is possible. We’ll help you teach your children good dental care. And we’ll advise the entire family on techniques and oral hygiene habits which can ensure healthy teeth for life.

Whether your family lives in Buckingham, Bicester, Aylesbury or Milton Keynes, you’ll always be a member of our family at Claydon Dental.

Children's Braces

Beat the NHS waiting list. Orthodontic metal brace treatments for under 18's start from just £1,700 with 0% finance available*
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