Autograph Whitening

From £359


Autograph Whitening, is a professional standard dental whitening system. It is a non-invasive treatment that is safe, gentle, effective, long lasting and easy to use.

Whether you are bleaching for confidence in the workplace, a special occasion, or for a makeover, Authograph can be used by all to regain that youthful smile and can provide stunning results within just two weeks.

The Autograph Whitening range includes whitening patient kits, top up kits, and the convenient on-the-go whitening pen. Convenient carry cases are also available to keep your whitening trays clean and safe.

How it works

Autograph gels contain specially developed peroxide whitening agents. During the whitening process, oxygen molecules penetrate the tooth surface and break down the stain molecules.
The agent spreads through the entire body of the tooth - lightening the tooth from inside out.

Autograph whitening kits are effective within 1 hour. This means even those with the busiest lives can enjoy a comfortable and convenient whitening experience.

The kids are available in two strengths, 10% or 16% carbide peroxide. Both strengths should be worn for 1 hour. Your dentist will recommend which strength will be most effective for you. When you receive your kit, you will be provided with instructions and stylish gift bag.

High quality trays from Autograph

It is important to have comfortable trays that fit correctly. As part of your treatment, your dentist will create a set special custom-fit whitening trays for you. This involves taking impressions of your teeth and gums.

Whiten on-the-go

The Autograph Whitening Pen is a versatile “brush-on” tooth whitening applicator that can be used at anytime, anywhere, It is a perfect complement to your whitening treatment. The pens need no refrigeration or whitening trays - making them perfect for handbags or pockets.

Emergency Information

For out of hours help please contact our emergency line below:

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However, if you are experiencing significant bleeding that won’t stop, severe pain that is not helped by painkillers, or significant facial trauma, visit your local A&E department right away. Out of hours, you can also call NHS 111 for further medical advice.