Price List

Price List

Important Notice: Our fees are a guide and are shown below. All patients will be provided with a bespoke treatment plan with the estimated costs after consultation with your dentist.

Interest-free finance options are also available, please ask for details.
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Cancellation & Hygienist Policy

If you need to cancel your appointment we require 24 hours’ notice.

We ask for all cancellations to be made in person, via phone during opening hours or a voicemail should the practice be closed.

*** Please note this does not include weekends and Bank Holidays when the practice is closed. E.g. Cancelling an appointment for a Monday, the practice must be notified on the Friday.

For any appointments giving less than 24 hours’ notice will result in a minimum charge of £20, although this can be higher depending on the complexity of the procedure which would have been prepared for.

For any appointments giving less than 24 hours’ notice a ‘fail to attend’ occurs, should any existing patient FTA 2 or more times consecutively they are removed from the practice list. Should any New patients ‘fail to attend’ 1 appointment prior to being seen they will be removed from the practice list.

For any patient wishing to dispute the policy due to a situation out of your control we request something is put in writing to the Practice Manager at or  Claydon Dental 10a Chaloners Hill, Steeple Claydon MK18 2PE

All patients of Claydon Dental are required to read and sign our terms and conditions which form part of our cancellation policy.

Our terms and conditions state:

  1. £20 deposit will be taken to secure any future appointments.
  2. Should you cancel your appointment outside of the 24 hours notice period, your deposit will be moved and allocated to your next scheduled appointment.
  3. Should you cancel your appointment within the 24 hours notice period, the practice will keep your deposit and will not be refunded. If another appointment is to be booked, another £20 deposit will be required to secure your future appointment.
  4. Patients are to pay all fees when they become due.
  5. Failing to attend an appointment or give insufficient notice of cancellation will result in treatment being withheld and no further appointments allowed if payments are not made as specified above.

Hygienist Policy

Our terms and conditions to see the Hygienist states.

  1. Payment for the Hygienist is required when booking the appointment
  2. Hygienist appointments are non-refundable
  3. 24hours’ notice is required if rebooking

Cancelling on behalf of someone else 

Please note we keep to the rules of clinical confidentiality. If you are cancelling on behalf of someone else, we need to know that you have their permission to do so, unless they are incapable (because of physical and mental illness) or you are the parent/carer of the patient.

Cancelling due to illness

Patients who are unable to make their appointment due to illness must, where possible, contact the practice 24 hours before the appointment if they cannot attend.

Failing to attend an appointment or give insufficient notice of cancellation a fee may be charged, and/or may no longer be seen at the practice.

Original Policy created 11th January 2021
Policy Revised and in place from 1st March 2024

Examinations & Consultations

TreatmentCostSmile Plan Essentials
New Patient Consultation (Adult)£90
New Patient Consultation (Child 0-5 Years)£30
New Patient Consultation (Child 5-17 Years)£55
Routine Dental Examination / Checkup (Adult)£652 x Included Per Year
Routine Dental Examinations / Checkup (Child 0-5 Years)£20
Routine Dental Examinations / Checkup (Child 5-17 Years)£35
Emergency Appointment£98
(Excludes Treatment Fee)
Included (Treatment Fee Excluded)
Missed or Late Cancellation Fee£20£20
Radiographs (X-rays – BW, PA, OCC)£16 EachIncluded
Radiographs (X-rays – OPG)£70 EachIncluded


TreatmentCostSmile Plan Essentials
Direct Access£90
Extensive 60 Minutes£134
Extensive 40 Minutes£90
Routine 30 Minutes£80Up to 4 Visits (Dependent on Category)
Child 5-17 Years£60

Restorative Dentistry

TreatmentCostSmile Plan Essentials
Cavity Restorations (Fillings)From £150 for Single Surface
From £200 for Two Surfaces
From £250 for Three Surfaces or Larger
(Dependent on surface and size of tooth)
10% Discount
ExtractionsFrom £25010% Discount
Surgical ExtractionsFrom £45010% Discount
Root Canal Treatment (RCT)From £70010% Discount
Inlays/OnlaysFrom £75010% Discount
CrownsFrom £800
(Dependent on the material used Porcelain, Gold or Zirconia)
10% Discount
BridgesFrom £80010% Discount
VeneersFrom £80010% Discount
Dentures (Acrylic)From £90010% Discount
Dentures (Chrome Cobalt)From £120010% Discount
SplintsFrom £22010% Discount
MouthguardsFrom £10010% Discount

Cosmetic Dentistry

TreatmentCostSmile Plan Essentials
Tooth WhiteningAutograph from £450
Enlighten £750
20% Discount
Retainers (Essix)£175 (Per Arch)
Retainers (Vivera)From £450
Invisalign – Lite CaseFrom £2,800
Invisalign – Full CaseFrom £3,500
Orthodontics (Metal Fixed – Children 12-17 Years)From £1,900
Orthodontics (Metal Fixed – Adult)From £3,500
Orthodontics (Ceramic Fixed – Adult)From £3,500
Orthodontics (Champagne Fixed – Adult)From £3,500
Dental ImplantsFrom £2,850

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Emergency Information

For out of hours help please contact our emergency line below:

Emergency Out of Hours Contact Number

However, if you are experiencing significant bleeding that won’t stop, severe pain that is not helped by painkillers, or significant facial trauma, visit your local A&E department right away. Out of hours, you can also call NHS 111 for further medical advice.